Having started some years ago developing multimedia health eduction, predominately used in the NHS, we progressed over the years to mobile devices. We launched our first applications in Malaysia with our partners ‘Maxis’ in 2001.

Following this success our Australian business ‘Multi-ed Australia’ partnered with The Australian Red Cross, Ericsson IPX and Telstra to develop, launch and promote CPR and Anaphylactic Shock to the mobile market which we launched in 2006 with the tag line of ‘Save a life for less the price of a cup of coffee’.

In the same year, wih Ericsson IPX, we launched a Singapore Heart Foundation version of CPR.

And Now

We are busy re-engineering our extensive library of heath information covering topics from Heart Attacks, Angina, Heart Failure, Diabetes, The Menopause and Asthma so they can be made available to the global mobile market.

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