Chest Pain in Women

Chest discomfort or chest pain could be caused by a wide range of conditions. This form of pain is suffered by millions, and it could even result in more severe conditions, or even death, if not treated well.  Angina may be the leading cause of this pain. This is the result of the deficiency in blood flowing through the heart muscle, thus, an oxygen supply shortage. This may also be due to the different forms of heart diseases like a heart attack, or, in some cases, the result of gallbladder disease, or because of the foods you eat.  It could be almost anything, but the treatment for this pain varies on the conditions severity.

If someone is experiencing chest discomfort or chest pain and you think its a heart attack, immediately call for medical emergency. Upon waiting for help, give the person two small aspirin tablets or about 160mg.

Taking more than this dosage does not give additional relief, and unwanted results may be experienced so do not exceed this amount. This should be chewed rather than swallowed, as the effects in this way are experienced faster.

In case the person is experiencing chest discomfort or chest pain due to angina, nitroglycerin could be given under the tongue to increase the blood flowing in the narrowed arteries.  If the pain does not subside after five minutes, give another tablet.

Give a third tablet if it still doesnt settle. If the pain does not respond even after three nitroglycerin tablets, immediately seek medical emergency.

Different medications are given to different situations of chest discomfort or chest pain, but the risks of these causes are generally reduced by simple self-care treatments.

If you smoke, you should stop
You should maintain your weight in the normal level below obesity
Eating foods that are low in fats could be reduced, if not, avoided
Alcohol should be taken moderately
A healthy system could be maintained by regular exercise, at least 30 minutes per day

Surgeries like angioplasty could be an option for severe cases.

A healthy lifestyle not just contributes to reducing the risks of any type of ailment it also gives us a different outlook on life and significantly changes how we do things everyday.  If you have a loved one suffering from chest discomfort or chest pain, these treatments could definitely bring a big difference to that person.