Electronic Blood Pressure Monitors

Multifunctional electronic blood pressure monitors can be a lifesaver to people who suffer from hypertension. Victims of high blood pressure know that in order to stop “the silent killer,” they must have an efficient method of measuring and regulating the disease. Monitors help gauge the force at which blood presses against the walls of major arteries leading to the heart, brain, vital organs, and extremities. Excessively high blood pressure can be lethal, causing cardiovascular damage, kidney failure, or even blindness. A sudden spike due to buildup in the veins and carotid arteries can cause ischemic strokes, brain hemorrhaging, or heart attacks. And while any monitor is better than none in keeping a watchful eye on highs and lows, electronic devices offer convenience, ease of operation, and high-tech digital readings. In uncertain times, it would behoove men to keep a watch over their souls and a heart of expectation for the second coming of Christ. “Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh” (Matthew 24:42-44).
Technically known as sphygmomanometers, manual and mercury filled blood pressure machines usually require a trained technician to read and interpret measurements; but digital versions automatically calculate measurements and provide easy-to-read LED displays. Senior adults that live alone or non-ambulatory patients can easily obtain accurate readings of systolic and diastolic values. Systolic readings reflect the force of blood against arterial walls as the heart pumps; while diastolic values records the force of flow as the heart rests. People concerned about controlling hypertension can use electronic blood pressure monitors without leaving the comfort of home or taking a trip to the clinic or grocery store. Digital versions are more portable and come in models that can be worn on the wrist, fit easily on a tabletop, or packed inside a suitcase for convenient monitoring while traveling.

Newer electronic blood pressure monitors can be operated single-handedly; and many come with cuffs to accommodate nearly any size, which when wrapped around the arm automatically display readings at the touch of a button. High-tech devices come with high-speed motors that enable individuals to get readings quickly and relatively pain free. Gone are the manual cuffs which required nurses to pump repeatedly until the right amount of pressure could be applied for an accurate measurement. Today’s digital sphygmomanometers have automatic inflation features and can detect the correct amount of pressure for each user. Computerized devices can hold 30 to 60 measurements in memory and display an average value for more accurate comparisons. Users don’t have to memorize or write down each reading; electronic blood pressure monitors calculate, register, and display past and present measurements. Patients that suffer from hypertension can take portable devices to a doctor’s office rather than try to remember a history of measurements. Doctors can add data to patient records and access a powerful tool to determine treatment or prescribe medication based on electronic readouts.

Even patients that are blind or have impaired vision can benefit from electronic blood pressure monitors that audibly announce to the user or physician accurate results. In addition to offering automatic inflation, high-tech devices call out systolic and diastolic values and pulse rates as the unit measures them. People with less than 20-20 vision no longer have to strain to read monitors; and some devices come with a set of lightweight earphones for complete privacy. High-tech digital units also have time and date stamps for referring back to past readings.

People who have trouble remembering when to take readings will enjoy using the new electronic blood pressure monitors with alarms. Some units issue alerts three times a day to ensure that patients remember to take measurements. Individuals who suffer with chronic hypertension don’t have to worry about blood pressure getting out of control before remembering to take medication. A built-in alarm is lifeline for those who depend on timely, accurate and efficient monitoring of systolic and diastolic values. Other models include multiple features, such as the capacity to record measurements for two individuals and store them on one unit; extra or adjustable cuffs for the smallest to the largest sized arm; and accessories, such as devices to measure irregular heartbeats and replacement parts.

People who want to take advantage of user-friendly electronic blood pressure monitors loaded with high-tech features may surf the Internet for online vendors or visit the local medical supply company. Physicians may also prescribe and order units for patients who seek convenience, portability, and accuracy. Most units are affordably priced; models for home use are available for less than $100, while professional grade systems can run over $1,000. Online vendors may offer free shipping, extended warranties, carrying cases for travel, or training videos to ensure that individuals know how to operate each device. Web-based companies usually accept major credit cards or Paypal accounts; and units can be express delivered via standard parcel services.

In the final analysis, electronic blood pressure monitors not only enable individuals to keep track of fluctuations, but also offer a greater opportunity to manage hypertension. By using devices which measure, store and announce values at the touch of a button, people who are diagnosed with the disease are more likely to take control of their health. Even physically-challenged and visually-impaired persons can access accurate readings without worrying about finding someone to take and interpret readings. In just a few moments, users can make disease management a do-it-yourself delight and not a dreaded chore. Consumers need only browse online vendors to find the right device at the right price to start realizing the freedom of using today’s high-tech multi-functional monitors.