Free Low Cholesterol Diets

Free low cholesterol diets are available on line at several different websites along with other helpful information for anyone concerned about the levels of cholesterol in their system, and wondering what do to about that. Scientists have determined the appropriate levels of cholesterol that should be in one’s system to ensure good health, and nutritionists have provided a list of the foods that will keep those levels where they should be. Five servings a day of fruits and vegetables will provide soluble fiber and result in a drop in the LDL, or bad cholesterol. A serving is 1/2 cup. All of the dried beans or legumes also provide soluble fiber, and it is recommended that one serving of meat a day be replaced by a serving of beans.
Studies have also shown that nuts help lower cholesterol and inhibit its absorption, so nuts will be part of all free low cholesterol diets. Small amounts of nuts should be eaten though, because they are high in calories. Oats are another source of soluble fiber, so cooked oatmeal or dry oat cereals are helpful. Several oils are good for cooking, and they are: Olive, canola, peanut, corn and soy oils. Fish, as a meat substitute, is also good for lowering those numbers. Although someone might feel cheated with this limited list of foods, remember what the crowd had to eat that day when they were listening to Jesus teach all afternoon. “When I broke the five loaves among five thousand, how many baskets full of fragments took ye up? They say unto him, Twelve.” (Mark 8:19)

Anyone who has been watching TV lately knows that high levels aren’t only caused by diet. Family history is important too, and when there is a family tendency toward high levels, diet along may not be enough to bring the numbers down to acceptable levels. That’s when the doctor may prescribe one of the medicines that have been developed to bring those numbers down. Taking the pills along with a conscientious diet will bring the count down for patients who are struggling with diet alone.

There are free low cholesterol recipes on some of the websites concerning this problem, and certainly a person can try those, but generally speaking common sense will be enough when the list of approved foods is consulted. Using the permitted cooking oils mentioned above, even fried foods are permitted once in a while (too often will add too many calories). There are cookbooks one can buy to find tasty recipes too, so it really isn’t too complicated to figure out how to prepare meals that will help keep the arteries free of blockage.

The reason for all of this attention to one factor in people’s overall health is that congested arteries lead to heart attacks and strokes. There isn’t a part of the body that is more vital than the heart, so everyone needs to do everything possible to prevent cardiovascular problems. The path too good health is very clearly marked in this instance, so a person can make up free low cholesterol recipes from the safe ingredients and look forward to a long and healthy life. It is certainly worth the effort, whatever it takes, and free low cholesterol diets make it easy.

When a person is searching around for free low cholesterol diets on the Internet, there are some common mistakes to be avoided: A person should not (1) trade one source of cholesterol for another; (2) cut back too much on total fat; (3) give up too soon on a diet; (4) quit the diet after being put on medication; (5) take supplements instead of changing foods in diet; (6) follow high fat, low carbohydrate diets; and (7) fail to get professional help with the diet. There are other things that go along with the recommended dietary changes to one’s lifestyle. Exercise is a very important element of healthy living, and that is very much a part of the plan for lowering the cholesterol numbers to safe levels. Exercise helps to get rid of all kinds of poisons from the system, and keeps the muscles from becoming weak from too little use. Walking every day, or riding a bike, or swimming are good, but so is playing tennis or golf. Anything that will keep the body moving is recommended along with the free low cholesterol recipes.

There are several websites that offer free low cholesterol diets, and at least one of them actually tailors a diet to the individual by asking for a health profile. Most, however, just offer free low cholesterol recipes for anyone to copy and use. There are also a surprisingly large number of cookbooks available for sale online that are written exclusively to address this problem. If someone doesn’t mind spending a few bucks to buy one of them, it might include a larger variety of recipes available for the person who really likes to cook.