Signs of Stroke in Women

When a part of human brain stops working due to insufficient supply of oxygen then this lethal condition is called a Stroke. The general stroke symptoms may not be seen in women. Therefore, to provide treatment to the patient on time, it is essential to know about the stroke and its symptoms in women.

In medical terms, Stroke is known as Cerebrovascular Accident and it is a condition when blood supply is episodic to a part of brain. The oxygen is carried by the blood cells that are supplied to several parts of the body that also includes brain cells. Therefore, blood and oxygen are a must for the proper functioning of all the body organs and cells. At the time of Stroke attack, the blood supply can be interrupted because of blocking or bursting of a blood vessel present in a part of a brain.

Ischemic and hemorrhagic are the two types of the strokes. Ischemic stroke is type of stroke due to a blood clot whereas Hemorrhagic stroke occur because of breaking of blood vessels. It is due to the blood and oxygen shortage, that the brains cells die and this causes dysfunction of that part of brain. However, due to the lack of treatment the brain may stop working completely and the delay in treatment may lead to death.  Stroke symptom for women is different from the usual stroke symptoms.

The common symptoms of stroke that are seen in both men and women are dizziness and problems with balance and coordination, Sudden speech impairment or impaired comprehension, blurred vision or difficulty with vision, numbness or weakness, usually on one side of the body, onset of a sudden and major headache, mental confusion.

All these stroke symptoms occur unexpectedly with a sudden onset.  In women, Stroke symptoms may vary from the classic or above-mentioned symptoms of stroke.  Generally, the symptoms are considered as quite unclear, when a woman gets a stroke attack.  These symptoms are usually diverse from the symptoms of stroke that are generally observed and because of these distinctive and unclear symptoms stroke test in a woman can go undiagnosed. Thus, wrong diagnosis of these symptoms leads to wrong treatment and hence causes severe complications. Hence, it is essential to know about the signs and symptoms of stroke in women.

Sometimes, the stroke symptoms in women are so diverse that the physician may misdiagnose the problem and relate it to some other health problem. Atypical symptoms of stroke are also seen in men however, the percentage is higher in women. These symptoms are breath shortness, seizures, fainting, and unconsciousness.