Signs of High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is the force of circulating blood on the walls of blood vessels, and is one of the principal vital signs in health monitoring.  Blood pressure usually refers to arterial blood pressure, the arteries are the blood vessels,  higher arterial pressure – blood away from the heart. Arterial blood pressure is usually measured by the sphygmomanometer, which uses a mercury column height which reflects the circulating pressure (see Non-invasive measurement). Blood pressure is reported as kilopascals (kPa) or in millimeters of mercury (Hg).

Blood pressure measurements are the number of systolic and diastolic blood pressure recordings.

Causes and symptoms:

High Blood Presure is often called the “silent killer” because even severe, uncontrolled high blood pressure or Hypertension usually has no obvious symptoms.

Older people have an increase risk of hypertension and high blood pressure may lead to artery walls losing their elasticity with age and cause poor movement through the arteries. In most cases (known as “essential hypertension”), doctors are unable to state the precise cause of high blood pressure (HBP). But they know that certain factors may increase the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Natural cure for high blood pressure

It is important to take readings regularly to monitor your blood pressure. Treatment goal is blood pressure below 140/90 and lower for people with other conditions such as kidney and diabetes disease. The adoption of healthy lifestyle habits is the first step, and to prevent and control high blood pressure. If life style change is not effective to keep your pressure under control, it may be necessary to add medications. In this section you will learn about blood pressure lowering lifestyle habits and blood pressure medications.

Lifestyle changes for Treatment of High Bood Pessure

1. Limit alcohol consumption-Blood pressure increases your body metabolizes alcohol.

2. Limit your caffeine intake- Coffee, tea and soda caffeine can contribute to high blood pressure.

3. Mintain an optimal weight. Even small amounts of weight can improve blood pressure.

4. Avoid processed foods-This is the biggest sources of sodium diet today.

5. Relax-Yoga , meditation,  breathing exercises and biofeedback relaxation techniques that can help reduce blood pressure.

6.Exercise-  30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, for example, walking may be one of the most effective natural remedies for high blood pressure.

7. Do not smoke- Smoking contributes to the cardiac and vascular disease – and many other life-threatening conditions as well.

8. Check your meds- Discuss current medications and their increased risk of blood pressure with your doctor.