What is a Heart Attack

Knowing whether you are having symptoms for anxiety attacks or heart attacks can be very confusing. In a lot of ways they have very similar symptoms but they have a lot of symptoms that are very different too. The symptoms for anxiety attacks and heart attacks will cause an increase in heart rates and in a lot of cases an irregular heartbeat is involved also. Both of these symptoms can be very painful and there is an extreme amount of discomfort. There is also the fact that with both sets of symptoms they involve the heart.

Anxiety attacks or heart attacks are usually linked to mood problems although there hasn’t been any conclusive finding with regards to this matter. With either one of these attacks you should really seek medical attention.

One of the main things that differentiate an anxiety attack from a heart attack is that you will not suffer from severe pain after the onset of the anxiety attack but with a heart attack you will. In addition, heart attacks occur to those who already have a prior heart problem or condition. Now with regards to anxiety, this is normally caused by emotional problems. Also, anxiety problems may lead to other illness such as sleep panic disorder. These are the reasons why it is important for you to take action if you are currently experiencing either an anxiety attack or heart attack.

As for some anxiety panic symptoms that you need to look out for in case you feel that you are experiencing a panic attack would be: chest pressures or chest pains; dizziness or lightheadedness; extreme fear of losing control, doing something embarrassing, going “crazy” or feeling that you are dying; feeling like you’re going to choke; hot flashes or chills; nausea; pounding heart; racing pulse; sense of unreality or dreamlike sensations; shortness of breath or tightness in the throat; sweating; numbness or a tingling feeling in your feet or hands along with shaking or trembling.

So if you know that you are prone to a panic attack or a heart attack given these symptoms, then you need to take action and find a treatment for your condition. Many individuals who have suffered with anxiety attacks have tried prescription medications and homeopathic cures with their panic attacks – although majority seems to favor the latter. The main reason for this is because the latter option does not normally have a side effect which is the main concern for most people who did experience side effects upon taking certain drugs for their panic attacks.

Now some homeopathic remedies to prevent anxiety attacks would be to avoid coffee, nicotine as well as foods that are loaded with sugar. Try to also lessen your alcohol intake and try to replace it with natural teas instead. Other ways to cope with anxiety attacks would be to talk to your loved ones about issues that concern you. This is because studies have shown that this can greatly help lessen your stress load knowing that the ones you care about can reassure you that things aren’t all that bad.

Another very effective treatment is herbal cure for anxiety which is very popular. The most common herbs used to treat anxiety consist of Catnip Tea, Fennel Tea, Kava Tincture, Hops, Motherwort Tincture, Passionflower, Skullcap Tincture, St. John’s Wort and Valerian Tincture.