Angina Pain

Angina can be deadly.  This can be identified when you experience chest pain, specifically in the left side, as this is a result of poor blood flow within the blood vessels of the mycordium, or heart muscle.

You can seek to reduce the risk by, for example, keeping away from  cigarettes smoke especially if you are a non-smoker.  Some people ignore cigarette smoke that they inhale, which poses a greater danger than the smokers themselves. Smoke decreases the blood that flows within the heart.

Aspirin can also reduce the chance of having angina. Studies show that this angina treatment lessens a persons chance of experiencing a heart attack by about 28 percent.  Aspirin can be taken once a day, as long as your stomach can manage.

By keeping control of your weight, you can stop angina from arising. Obesity causes your heart to work harder because it will take extra blood to supply those added tissues. This angina treatment will help you in lowering your cholesterol levels too, which puts more pressure on the circulation of blood throughout the body.

Watch for your triglycerides and cholesterol level.  Cholesterol must be regulated  to keep unrestricted blood flow of the heart. In this angina treatment, you should be aware of the foods and beverages you consume to maintain a healthier body leading to a lower risk of having angina.

The most important thing to remember is to relax. This may seem the easiest angina treatment, but no one can really get out of the stress in life.  Stress increases our circular systems demand for oxygen and blood, which also increases the risk of angina. To reduce stress, you can join in a yoga session or do some exercises to have a stronger heart that can maintain good blood circulation.