Left Side Chest Pain

Are you worried about your left side chest pain?
It might be angina and can be a sign of a heart problem.
Heart problems are the worlds top killers.

Dont let angina sneak in to your life.  Learn the problems,  symptoms,  prevention and management for a healthy life.  Heart problems are silent killers. They can strike any age group especially those who are at high risk for having heart disease.  Risk factors include age,  gender,  stress levels,  obesity,  diet,  sedentary lifestyle,  smoking,  alcohol abuse,  caffeine,  congenital problems and illnesses, and family history of heart problems.

The most common heart problems are arterial disease.  Its caused by the calcification of fats in the arterial walls. These fats turn into plaques and are hard to remove. This can cause blockages in the artery that prevents blood flowing into the heart.  It can lead to myocardial ischemia or a decrease in oxygen to the  heart muscles.  It is often indicated by left side chest pain or angina chest pain in medical terms.

Angina is s sharp pain in the left side of the chest radiating to the shoulders and the neck.  It can be precipitated by activities such as running and carrying workloads. Stress and depression can also trigger angina. That is the reason why more women are prone to heart attacks than men.

Management may include nitroglycerin patches and analgesics for the pain. The doctor may prescribe drug regimens for other symptoms like antihypertensive drugs.  Some people choose to use supplements to fasten the healing process as well as to prevent progression.

The best way to prevent or manage heart problems is to modify the risk factors like sedentary lifestyle, obesity, smoking, alcohol and diet. Having a more adventurous life with regular exercise and normal diet will result into a healthy heart. Avoid too much cholesterol and salt in the diet.  Gradually reduce alcohol and smoking.

Angina chest pain is hard to manage but is easy to prevent. Dont let heart problems take away your happiness in life. Treat or prevent left side chest pain as soon as possible.